There’s something to be said about wanting that cozy, small wedding feel where your closest family and friends are gathered to see your life change. Photographing a small wedding has given me a greater appreciation for the intimate gatherings. Here are 3 tips that can help you plan your day to keep it cozy and memorable. […]

A bride, once was a little girl who dreamed of all, I mean ALL her wedding day details. She could also be someone who doesn’t care for the frills, but the marriage. She may also be the woman who didn’t know she would get married, or the woman who waited for years, and years on […]

Flowers and luxurious greenery are often the go to for wedding centerpieces and of course the very things you hold before you hold your guys hand when you get down the aisle. Girl, they’re the things you hold to keep your hands from shaking from the most life changing words you could ever say to […]

You’ve scanned through Pinterest and gathered all of your details and inspo for your wedding day. But between me and you, we’ve been pinning details even before we met our beau and over time our style has changed so our inspo board is not cohesive and does not fully reflect the style we want for […]

You’ll most often find me sharing this story, that when I go home to Trinidad, one of my favorite things to do at my mom’s house is to find the photo albums-which, by the way, have not moved since I’ve lived there-and flip through them. We love, love, loved printing pictures of our adventures. As […]

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