Planning a COVID safe wedding and elopement

As we all navigate the pandemic and keeping ourselves and loved ones safe, I wanted to take some time to give insight on  having a COVID safe wedding. As a wedding photographer, I know what it could feel like to have genuine concerns for you and your wedding guests. But just as important as it is to be safe, so is your love and how it’s celebrated.

Planning a COVID safe wedding

Before you read, I want you to take a deep breath. I want you to know that your love and story are equally as important to me as your safety and making the most out of your special day. Which is ultimately what this blog is about. Giving you attainable ideas to implement beforehand so on the day of, you can be fully present.


COVID Safe Photography Plans

As a photographer my heart and job is to capture everything that matters to you. While prioritizing every detail before hand such as your timeline, coordinating with your wedding vendors and preparing with your shot list, I’m also taking measures personally and professionally. Prior to your wedding day, I’m willing to take a COVID test while also sanitizing all my equipment and wearing a mask throughout the day. Other measures of safety such as hand sanitizing and washing my hands at each opportunity will also be implemented to practice safety as well as social distancing and limiting touch! I’ve gotta tell you,  I know that could still be a lot to grasp but knowing it’s what will keep you and your guests safe is my big why.


COVID Safe Vendor Practices

While it depends on what type of celebration you’re having such as an elopement, or small gathering, each vendor involved will be sure to keep their teams as well as your safety a priority. The wedding industry has made adjustments because their passions are still intact despite the disruption and interruption of COVID-19.

Here are a list of things you can expect your vendors to do, implement on your own or with your planner:

-Create hand sanitizing stations

-Wear masks throughout the day

-Sanitize commonly used areas and tables

-Create socially distanced seating during the ceremony and reception

-Create socially distanced serving lines and distribute meals to your guests to limit touch

-Create other contactless options where necessary or needed


Other COVID safe Practices

Other Covid safe practices that can be put in place are to communicate the above measures to your wedding guest prior to their arrival via a note along with their invitation or RSVP communication. Guests can also take COVID tested prior to attendance, be required to wear masks or have them customized and available upon their arrival.


I know that sharing this day with your friends and family has been long awaited and navigating these new and very tough waters could put a damper in your planning and celebration. But I want you to know that we are committed to your love and safety so that you can have a memorable occasion. One that you can look back on each day and for generations to come.

To contact me to photograph your wedding I can be reached here! I look forward to hearing about your intimate celebration or elopement and can’t wait to serve you.

The above images were taken while second shooting with a dear photography friend at the beautiful Swan House that is a part of the Atlanta History Center, One of Atlanta’s most treasured venues for stunning backdrops and architecture. If you’re also looking for a beautiful elopement venue, Montaluce Winery is one of my top picks and you can read about it here.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I always do.


Renee Jael




  1. this is a great blog post! it’s so important for us vendors to operate safely!

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