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There’s no better place than at NHG Studio for an Atlanta Engagement Session. It’s one of Atlanta’s most stunning aesthetic photo studios in the south and we had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple, there! The results were nothing short of magical, and we are excited to share the experience of shooting at this location.

The Charm of NHG Studios

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, NHG Studio is a photographer’s dream come true. The studio’s minimalist design, with its high ceilings, and large windows, creates an ethereal backdrop that allows the couple shine. The natural light enhances the softness and romance of each photograph, making it the perfect setting for engagement photos in Atlanta.

The Engagement Session

On the day of the shoot, Courtney and Jordan arrived at NHG looking effortlessly chic. Courtney wore a chic midi dress with feathers, while Jordan opted for a classic white shirt and dark blue suit, adding a touch of sophistication to the session.

Setting the Scene

We started the session with some editorial moments near the window of at NHG Studios for this Atlanta Engagement Session. The natural light streaming through the windows illuminated their faces, highlighting their genuine smiles and the love in their eyes. The simplicity of the studio allowed us to focus on the couple, and the tender moments they shared.

Posing and Props

NHG Studios versatility enabled us to experiment with various poses and props. We used a modern seat, which added a touch of elegance to the photos. Courtney and Jordan’s personalities shone through as creating candid moments that we were thrilled to capture. The NHG Studio for this Atlanta Engagement Session was the perfect backdrop!

Intimate Moments

One of the most memorable parts was when C + J sat by the large windows, and bathed in the afternoon light. They exchanged loving glances and shared a quiet moment, completely lost in each other. The serene atmosphere of NHG Studios provided the perfect setting for these intimate shots, creating timeless memories for the couple.

Editorial Moments

We moved around the studio for magazine and fashion worthy moments

Why NHG Studio?

Choosing NHG Studios for an engagement session is an excellent decision for several reasons:

  • Versatility: The minimalist design and neutral color palette allow for a wide range of themes and styles.
  • Natural Light: The studio’s abundant natural light creates a soft, flattering glow in every photo.
  • Intimate Setting: The serene atmosphere makes it easy for couples to relax and be themselves.


C and J’s engagement session at NHG Studio was a beautiful celebration of their love. The studio’s aesthetic charm and the couple’s genuine connection made for an unforgettable experience and stunning photographs. If you’re looking for a dreamy location to capture your special moments, NHG Studio in Atlanta is the perfect choice.

At Renee Jael and Co., we believe in capturing love in its purest form. Contact us to book your engagement session and let us create artful, and refined memories for you and your fiance.

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