Why I created Style that looks and feels like you

One of my favorite things to do is to look at my mom’s photos when she was younger and the ones of us together. Her style was always so timeless and notable. I remember what she wore, even now. She carried herself with confidence and grace. She was my style icon. And in the past few years those photos have become more like treasures than fond memories.

Growing up with a creative parent, I was bound to develop some of the same things. Because style was just natural parts of our lives, I never thought to create a career out of inspiring others with it. In 2016 when I first started my style blog, I honestly just felt led to start. So I did. At the time I was solely doing photography so I started a new style page with an all white outfit and complimented it with grey and rose gold new balance sneakers. I’ve always had a leaning toward minimal looks and neutrals.


Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, my mom would sew my clothes or either had them made for me based on her style and inspiration.  In the 90’s, when I was old enough, I’d design my own pieces based on inspiration from books and movies.

The work I’ve done in styling others and sharing inspiration over the years has changed but my goals have always been the same: show up with the gift I have to help others.


What I want most is for a daughter to look at her mom and find inspiration at home first, just like I did mine. I truly desire to see women feel more confident about their skin color, body type and style of choice. While style comes easily to me, I want to use every bit of what I have to make your life easier. Our gifts were meant to create spaces that empower and add value to each others lives. And while I share  phase 1.

My goal is to create a space that helps you, just like my mom did for me and help you create style that looks and feels like you.


Renee Jael

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