Top pick for a North GA elopement

I love North Georgia. The idea of eloping in a winery is the epitome of romantic. Described as Georgia’s wonderland, Montaluce Winery, is undeniably an acreage of intimacy and wonder. The scenery, menu and staff are the perfect combination of eloquence and stellar service, thereby my top pick for a North GA elopement.

Montaluce Winery is my top pick for a North GA elopement. Here’s why!

Before arriving at Montaluce Winery, you are escorted by endearing scenery. It prepares you for the encounter you’ll have with the winery’s soothing appearance. Upon arrival, it’s outer appeal and staff greets you with southern charm and that eerie feeling of adventure. The vineyard surrounds the restaurant and lower wine stellar and each facet enhances the space, collectively.

place for north ga elopement

A walk toward the back doors is mere preparation for the open air and ground. Though wide and vastly drawing to the sense, the setting is intimate making it the perfect place for an elopement.

During winter the vines are pruned but still gives wonderment to the viewer. Montaluce is a late discovery for me and I wish I’d known about it sooner. I hope you consider if for your elopement. It’s charm, scenery and staff give you an unforgettable experience that’ll be calling for you return, soon.

top place for north ga elopement

top place pick for north ga elopement

To contact the staff at Montaluce, I took pleasure in providing their information for you right here.

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