Boost your self confidence by knowing your body type

The irony about teaching amazing women like you how to look and feel more confident because of defining your style is ironic. It wasn’t always this way for me. Did I always love style, yes. Was it always easy to find clothes that worked for me. Not at all.


My weight fluctuated quite a bit and going into dressing rooms was frustrating. But then there were times where I’d lose weight and things fit better. It shouldn’t be this way. No matter where we are on our fitness journeys, we should feel confident in how we show up with our style. So, today I wanted to help you boost your self confidence by knowing your body type. 

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Body Shape Calculator



I worked in retail through college and for a little while after  doing missions work in Mexico, all while working at my church and doing photography part time. What I always saw were women leaving the dressing room a little defeated because what they took in didn’t fit like they wanted. I felt the same things. Really loving a piece of clothing but it not working for me was a blow to my self-esteem. It wasn’t until I understood my personal style and body type that I showed up more confidently to work or play. 

The other ironic thing for me was that for most of my life, I thought I had an apple shaped body.  Surprisingly, based on measurements and a body type calculator I’ve come to find out that I have a rectangular shape. Crazy right?! To be honest, I redid several times to make sure it was correct. But once I got the results, I understood why and it gave me more confidence when I picked clothing for my body.

Understanding your body type

Before I understood why my body was considered rectangular shaped, I considered myself apple shaped because I “eyed” my body’s proportions. I did everything I knew to modestly dress my upper body and elevate my strong features. Which did work but, what helped me really understand why it worked was knowing my body type. I can’t help but wonder if you’re doing the same thing so I want to help you find the best clothing for your body type by giving you this free calculator to determine your beautifully made figure.

To be honest, I love this calculator because it skips the formula. From one girl to another-doing the math to measure my bust, hips, + waist was too complicated for my liking. The calculator is easy, fast and accurate: all you have to do is measure and enter!


Boost your self confidence by knowing your body type

Once you do this, you’ll be one step closer to dressing more confidently because you’ll use clothing that is specifically made for you. If you’re ready, tap below to find out how! 


Body Shape Calculator

For more inspiration on how to dress confidently click here! Style is one of the core foundations of my company + I keep you updated to create style that is true to you which is my course to help you elevate your style confidently!


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