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One of my favorite things to do is to look at my mom’s photos when she was younger and the ones of us together. Her style was always so timeless and notable. I remember what she wore, even now. She carried herself with confidence and grace. She was my style icon. And in the past […]

Why style is important to me

July 27, 2020

2020 threw a wrench into our predisposed anticipations. A year we anticipated clear vision and new levels, but instead we were met with a world wide pandemic, a fight against racism and eyes wide open to the brokenness that is being exposed. My plans were to break my own ceiling. To truly begin serving as […]

A new experience at Renee Jael

atlanta style

July 24, 2020

Waiting well in the unknown Featured on The Virtuous Magazine: Waiting well doesn’t mean waiting, perfectly. There is no perfect, anything. No formula for pain free waiting or living. But I know it is possible to wait well, even in the unknown. I’ve become familiar with waiting on promises in my personal life and in […]

Waiting Well In The Unknown

waiting well in the unknown

May 18, 2020

In this uncharted place that we’ve all found ourselves in, It can seem daunting to think about what the future looks like financially & relationally but right here, right now we can be present & practical. So I wanted to give you 3 simple ways you can thrive in the unknown.    3 simple ways […]

3 simple ways to thrive in the unknown

thrive in the unknown

April 18, 2020

By now you’ve looked at your walls in your home and know every dot and speckle. I know I have, especially in my home office. But this past week, I decided that I needed to create something so that I can stay inspired and motivated during quarantine. As a graphic designer I create digital mood […]

How to stay inspired and motivated during quarantine

how to stay inspired and motivated during coronavirus

April 3, 2020

I wanna get married one day. But I’m content. However, in the middle of the waiting and preparing my heart, I sometimes fuss at God or the process. Yet, at my core I know He is enough. He is and will always be my everything because he made my heart to fulfill it in only […]

How to stop being complacent

waiting well in the unknown

February 12, 2020

Ever so often I like to take a break to share things just for the heart. Today, it’s about waiting. We’re all waiting on something. A change, a solution, a person, your business to go to the next level…Sometimes, I’m content and focussed. But there are times, I  could do without the process. I get tired. […]

Dear Waiting…Today, I don’t like you.


October 29, 2019

The pain of obedience. Sometimes, God asks us to make hard decisions. Ones that are painful. They aren’t painful because He wants to bring us harm, they’re painful because we are so attached to the idea of how our lives should take form. The detachment from our plans are what shakes us. Thankfully after a […]

The Pain of Obedience

the pain of obedience

August 19, 2019

Hey friend! Today I’m sharing my heart on what I’ve come to learn about why your purpose is bigger than you. If you’ve read the other two posts in this mini-series on pursuing your dreams, you’ve seen a couple things: I will encourage you to be passionate and to not  give up. What you do, […]

Your Purpose is Bigger Than You

August 1, 2019

Have you ever sat in a conversation that yielded to your defenses and overpowered your escape? Ones that see you despite your mess. The kind that makes you feel safe even when you feel fully exposed. Those are what I call dream friendships. This, dear dreamer is who you need when you are pursuing your […]

The dream friendships you need

dream friendships

July 24, 2019