Tate Mountain Estate Wedding, GA

I’ll never forget what It felt like driving up to Tate Mountain Estates for Joe and Hannahs Wedding, but what was more impressionable was the undeniable love and hospitality of Joe and Hannah. I was so in awe of their love, the joy and celebration of the people around them. Even the style of their guests took my breath away.

The winding road up the mountain gave such beauty and anticipation as I arrived early that morning and it was the perfect start to the day. The girls were getting ready in Hannah’s family house surrounding her with so much support and happiness. There were snacks all around, heritage of her family on the walls and it was in that moment I saw the fullness of her legacy and just how much it would mean to be married at her family estate.

tate mountain estate wedding photographer


I saw the same with Joe, the groom. He donned family pieces, his cowboy hat and a big smile while he did his groom portraits.  He had so much swag as you’ll see in a few. I loved every minute of taking his portraits so that he too could have his images for generations to come. But above it all, he had so much anticipation in seeing his bride! Their first look was over a bridge where I took a shot of him in full son, as he awaited her arrival and when the time came, they had a beautiful moment that was followed by romantic portraits in a beautiful open field, with just the two of them.

Everything about J + H’s Tate mountain estates wedding was filled with so much love. The ceremony, the reception and the sunset photos. The moments in between certainly make me want to relive this day, but thank goodness for photos!

Bride and Groom Wedding Portraits


Tate mountain estates wedding photographer

Tate mountain estates wedding photographer

Tate mountain estates wedding photographer


Tate Mountain Ceremony



Tate mountain estates wedding photographer

The Wedding Reception

Tate mountain estates wedding photographer decor

Tate mountain estates wedding photographer

Post Wedding Portraits


This Tate mountain estates wedding was beautiful and one I’ll always remember! Their love story and all the moments in between were breathtaking and I couldn’t be happier to share these images!

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