5 signs you’re ready for elevated branding imagery

5 signs you’re ready for elevated branding imagery

As a brand that values how I show up online, I know what it’s like to need photos to reach your ideal clients consistently without compromising who you are. For years I personally struggled with getting what I needed so I created a system that helps creative brands and entrepreneurs elevate their branding imagery. If you want to know what it means to be ready for elevated branding imagery, here are 5 signs that you are:

  • You want photos that don’t compromise your online presence
  • you want a variety of on brand photos
  • you want to be personally styled
  • you want photos that reflect your brand story
  • you want to reach your ideal client

You want photos that don’t compromise your online presence

When it comes to getting images to use online, you want images that don’t compromise your online presence. Not only do you want quality images, you want images that are consistent, that are in the environment that tells your story, emotions and expressions that show what you want to convey and are consistent with your messaging.

 You want a variety of on brand imagery

When you book a session you want more than one look, one expression, one outfit so that it fully tells your story. You don’t want to use the same outfit, same pose and one prop for each image that you share on your blog, email list and social media accounts. You want to be able to show up consistently and show your audience that you value your online presence and also keep things updated. Most importantly, you want your images to be consistent with what you do and who you do it for.

You want to consistently reach your ideal client

The first thing your ideal client sees when they see your brand is imagery. You want to communicate who you are, what you value, be in the spaces that speak to them consistently, and do this consistently so that they both trust and build relationship with you.


You want photos that reflect your brand story

You’re finally ready for imagery that tells your full brand story. You want to get into the details of your brand, have it well defined and translate those messages with high quality imagery.

 You want to be professionally styled

Having elevated style to match your brand, also represent you and helps your ideal client see themselves working with you. You want to work with a stylist that can help you with your style for your session but teach you the skills you need for everyday life and entrepreneurship.

In my process for creating elevated branding photos I help my clients by doing a discovery workshop, creating portrait direction and styling to help them reach their goals! Branding imagery doesn’t have to be stressful, the same or ineffective!

To learn more contact renee@reneejael.com or sign up to receive tips on elevating your online presence through photos and style.

  1. Keia says:

    Great content and style/lighting is everything. Looking to do this in the near future.

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