What to look for when choosing shoes

What’s one of the first questions you ask when you try on a dress or any piece of clothing? What shoes can I wear with this…so today I wanted to share what to look for when choosing shoes.

Shoes are sometimes the last thing I pick and sometimes it’s my first. It just depends on the look I’m going for- casual, chic, casual chic, sporty casual.

There are shoes that I love but they don’t look right on me, like round tipped sneakers! :/ They’re just not my look no matter how hard I try.

Wanna know how I know…body type! Ha. There it is again.  It’s why I shared that tool first because it really is the foundation to building everything else for style that looks and feels like you.

What works for me are pointy tipped heels, and shoes with narrower tips. Not round or fully square. Do you know what works for you?

What to look for when choosing shoes

Here’s what to look for when picking shoes that work for you:

  • Does it elongate your body frame or make you appear stocky?
  • Does the height make you feel flat or accent your height and shape?
  • When you look forward do you appear round or long?
  • Does it feel like it “cuts” your legs or make you feel boxy or stubbed?

Bonus question:

  • Dare I saw, does it make you feel confident? 🙂

When I answer these questions I know I’ve picked the right shoe for me and can rotate it with different looks in my wardrobe. The body shape calculator continues to prove true for me and I know it’ll do the same for you! When you know what is specific to you, it makes all your choices easier. Take it here to keep and elevate the confidence you’ve fought so hard for!

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.-Marilyn Munroe


I’ll see you around in those really cute shoes!


Renee Jael

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