What to look for in a dress

I had so much frustration when it came to wearing dresses. If it wasn’t custom made for me and sometimes even if it was…I’d experience anxiety and an array of insecurities because of my body type. I always felt dresses weren’t made for me and when I found something that worked, it felt like luck. Now that I use my body type as the guide in what to look for in a dress, I always win.

dress and body type

What gives me confidence is something that flatters and something that is easy.  If you saw the video I shared, I talked about discovering I was rectangular shaped and how it increased my confidence.

My rectangular shape works well with wrap dresses, some fitted pieces, and anything that intentionally shapes my waist and curves. I no longer feel limited to wearing two-piece tops and skirts, I feel like I can own my beauty and presence whenever I need to take portraits or show up for events.

What to look for in a dress

As you think about dressing for your body type, here are some things to think about:

  • Does it fit comfortably over your bust?
  • Is the neckline flattering?
  • Does it shape your waist?
  • Does the length flatter your legs and height?

If you answer these questions, you’ll have more success in finding dresses that flatter your body’s shape! Look out for this week’s snippet of my wrap dress and the liketoknow.it for this wrap dress from Nordstrom rack.

If you want more style tips for everyday looks and preparation for photo sessions join me here and take the leap in using my number one tool in getting style that looks and feels like you.

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