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2020 threw a wrench into our predisposed anticipations. A year we anticipated clear vision and new levels, but instead we were met with a world wide pandemic, a fight against racism and eyes wide open to the brokenness that is being exposed.

My plans were to break my own ceiling. To truly begin serving as I was made to be with my love for style, photography and branding. The goal was to show up fully as I was made to be. But through quarantine I stayed in, worked through my inspiration and found new footing for what was still the plan. Through being still + intentional my plans were  elevated beyond anything I could ever hoped for. There’s truly no match for God’s blueprint.

After sometime and exploring a temporary way to inspire, I came to one conclusion: Quarantine was a warm up for my original plans.  There’s truly no match for God’s blueprint. I created an in-home photo and style studio, developed self portraits and honed in the direction I wanted to take for my branding concepts.

On the other hand, the continuing losses, movement towards justice and equality had me still searching for resolve. As a Trini born and raised immigrant living in Atlanta, it’s deepened my appreciation for my brown beauty, community + culture. All of  what has happened this year has reminded me that the journey is all about adjusting “my plans” to serve God and beautiful, you. That’s the bottom line of my company.

As I share this new experience I will be releasing it in Phases. 

Here’s a round up of what to expect!



Style that looks and feels like you.

I must say all the in home creating was truly a warm up and I’m thankful I had those days to reshape and reinvent.

The style content that is coming is going to elevate your style and hone in on style that looks and feels like you.  I truly couldn’t have planned it any other way. When I first started sharing my love for style in 2016, I really didn’t know why. I just knew I was supposed to. However, God knew all along what He had planned and for the past couple of months, I’ve been dreaming, planning + working on a project that only He could’ve given me.

There’ve been many delays and versions of how I’ve shared style inspiration but by far this is my favorite. It’s because of + in honor of my precious mum + it’ll be centered around your style.

Seeing it come to life the way it is reminds me that God is ALWAYS up to something.




Portraits centered around your style, beauty and authentic emotions.

I’ve been a photographer for 7 years and it has been my main focus for the past two years. When I began my creative journey 11 years ago, my goal was to use my gifts and skills to build a creative business. Every job, and creative path taught me everything I needed to know to keep learning and expanding. My new process is centered around creating beautiful imagery influenced by your personal style and story.

This even more intentional process is meant to elevate your beauty in portraits and in your story. It’s meant to create a lasting impact today and in the legacy you want to create. Creating this strategy was more than anything I could have every dreamed of.

It’s more about legacy + carrying on your story. 





Strategic branding for purpose centered brands with beautiful imagery 

My willingness to keep learning has enabled me to keep moving forward by integrating creative skills into my brand.  The founding principles of my brand are use to my creativity to serve others. As a result, I’m officially offering branded content through photos and graphic design. But, if I’m being honest, it came as a surprise in May 2019. Considering that I’ve done just about everything creative for the past 11 years, It probably shouldn’t be.

To ensure that this is highly successful, I’ve learned branding strategies to help elevate purpose centered brands. This is meant to create confidence, excellence + consistency in how they present their brand story to the world. I’m so excited to offer my newest service + truly believe that it was created to help purpose centered brands soar.

In a nutshell this new experience will create high-touch, time saving experiences for beautiful, authentic portraiture + purpose centered brands through style, and intentional curation.

It’s about seeing the whole person, it’s about seeing you.

It’s been 11 years since I first dreamed about the creative brand I would create. As I release phase 1, I hope to connect with you like never before. Over a decade of growing, learning and repeatedly getting back up again has brought me to this place. I’m bursting at the seams as I truly believe the best is yet to come. 


Renee Jael

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