Waiting Well In The Unknown

Waiting well in the unknown

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Waiting well doesn’t mean waiting, perfectly. There is no perfect, anything. No formula for pain free waiting or living. But I know it is possible to wait well, even in the unknown.

I’ve become familiar with waiting on promises in my personal life and in my business and I’ve had to truly find grit in order to not compromise. Compromise is easy, with so many opportunities to say yes to less than what is promised. There are a few things that I’ve done consistently that help me to wait well in the unknown, and with so many unknowns about our future because of COVID-19 I wanted to create a space for you to receive and process. 


How to wait well

Know that your life is enough

I love road trips and New Years Eve 2018 I drove to Savannah, GA for the day. Traveling solo is something I enjoy and visiting the beach was how I wanted to end the year. While I walked the cold and mildly filled beach with people in each other’s company I could have felt alone and I’m sure at some points, I did. The thought of feeling fully alive when you’re single is one I’ve been challenged with. At this point in my story, I was still processing losses but more so processing the woman I became because of the losses. I honestly can’t tell you exactly what triggered this thought but it brought me resolve that I carried into the next year.

As I stood on the rocks facing the water I felt so clearly that my life was enough. It framed what I thought about my life and kept me from feeling that what or who I had wasn’t sufficient. The growth I experienced in waiting and processing taught me that relationships, status or finances didn’t validate me. And though I didn’t know when my life would change, I knew then that no matter the phase I was in, my life was enough. 

In this season where all of our lives have been changed due to COVID-19, I want to remind you that no matter where you are, what you have or who you have, your  life truly is enough. 

Knowing that your life is enough keeps you from compromising while waiting in the unknown. There are days when I don’t like waiting, but does anyone? There are unknowns of each day where we have to choose trust over what we see. Not knowing how our lives will come together creates questions and doubts of things promised. But I know that our good heavenly Father has a plan and believing that my life is enough even in the unknown is what it looks like to trust that, I truly do have all I need. 

waiting well in the unknown

Guard your heart 

What I’ve learned about guarding your heart is that it is not the same as protecting your heart. While guarding your heart means choosing what you let in and what you allow to keep in, protecting your heart is building a wall that lets nothing in or out. 

There is a lot to unpack on guarding your heart but to give you something you can hold on to specifically when it comes to waiting in the unknown, It’s to remind you to be mindful of what you put in. 

Here’s why:

What you watch or listen to will affect how you think

What you think will affect what you believe 

It creates a domino effect that transcends from contentment to disbelief and doubt.

When I watch rom coms I can almost guarantee you that I’m going to feel as if my life isn’t enough. And while I know it is, I just filled my time with something that told me I was missing something. It plays a part in how I wait and creates discontentment where there was contentment before. 

To guard your heart, look at what is creating discontentment or insecurity in this season and take the necessary steps to prevent it! Because friend, your life is enough even in a pandemic! Outside of grocery store runs, I’ve been home with tons of opportunities to watch more tv than normal. Honestly, a weekend at home pre-COVID-19 gave me that opportunity as well but knowing I have to be mindful of what I let in to maintain a healthy heart and mind is an active way to guard my heart. 

waiting well in the unknown

Accept that waiting is a part of the promise

This is the nitty gritty. The going down deep, well…as deep as it can for a blog post. But whew, if you were to tell me before that waiting was a part of the process I would be disheartened more than I would be hopeful. But now that I truly have accepted that waiting is a part of the promise, it helps me to endure for the unknown that is ahead. The last thing I want to do is receive something I’ve been waiting for and completely mess up. Because this has happened before, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Being on the other side of failure helps you wait, better. I’ve learned that waiting is the process that equips you for the promise. I know the word process isn’t always popular but if we look at it for the benefits we’ll see more good in it that we do bad.

Questions to ask yourself while in the process of waiting:

What unknown am I waiting on? 

Can I truly handle what I’m waiting on?

How can I make my promise better by my presence? 

In what ways have I grown while waiting?

Waiting doesn’t mean you are not worthy, it doesn’t mean you are not valuable but it does mean you are trusted with a process for your story and what is on the other side of the unknown. 

Beautiful friend, I believe that you can wait well in the unknowns of our present and our future. We have a God that knows us and sees all our questions and wonderings. In this waiting, know that your life is enough, guard your heart, and accept the process until the waiting meets what will one day be known.



Renee Jael


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