How to look better in photos in three simple ways


As a photographer, one of the things I value most is helping you tell your story in a way that is unique only to you. I believe that being able to be yourself is worth pursuing in photography. Your story matters and so should how you tell it. Today, I’m getting into 3 details that help!


look better in photos


What makes you glow? I attribute the glow in my skin to wearing colors that compliment my skin tone. Here’s why:

  • It makes your skin glow
  • It boosts your confidence because you know it compliments you
  • It’s a foundation that helps build your story
    • More tips to helping you look better in photos:
      • Identify the colors that go with your skin tone
      • Pick clothes that match your tone and one complimentary color

Dress for your body type

When you determine your body type, you determine the best types of clothes that suit you.

The 4 body types

  • Apple 
  • Pear
  • Hour Glass
  • Straight

You  feel more confident because you know its made for you & when you feel confident it shows in your photos.

Knowing your story

As a photographer I believe in capturing beautiful photos but I also believe in capturing your inner beauty. Here are three ways I believe knowing your story helps you look better in photos:

  • Knowing your story helps show up confidently
  • Knowing your story in photos gives you the freedom to show up fully
  • When you show up fully, you don’t hold back

These are just 3 foundational steps into how to look better in photos! To get this PDF plus 2 bonuses, download your FREE copy of how to look better in photos here. 

You are the perfect blend of you and that should be shared in the best ways possible.


Renee Jael


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