3 simple ways to thrive in the unknown

thrive in the unknown

In this uncharted place that we’ve all found ourselves in, It can seem daunting to think about what the future looks like financially & relationally but right here, right now we can be present & practical. So I wanted to give you 3 simple ways you can thrive in the unknown.


 3 simple ways you can thrive in the unknown.


Serving one person consistently shows intentionality and how much you value or want to grow in that relationship. Showing them how loved, and seen they are because you are consistently choosing to serve them amidst the unknown. It also helps you to not feel overwhelmed but focussed on what it looks like to love and serve one person, well.

Tip: Love them with their love language.

Oh boy, honestly! I’ve been thinking through what this looks like for me. This year my goal was to become toned and I was consistently working out in the gym each week then we had to be quarantined, bummer! For the first couple weeks of quarantine, I was consistent with working out, but this week I’ve only been active 3 days, if that! I’m learning to be kind to myself in this season with my body, but stopping and starting working out has always been a roller coaster ride! I want to change my stopping and starting habit with my workouts, beginning today! What about you?

pray for your current or future spouse

This one is dear to my heart! Because I am currently single, I don’t know what my future spouse is facing. I can thrive in this season knowing that my prayers could be helping him, even now. If you are married, praying for your spouse through this time can continue to develop your heart for them! It’s my favorite of the three things because one day I believe we will see the fruit of it.

As a steady reminder that you can thrive even in the unknown, you can download today’s quote here!

Other ways you can manage this season is by creating something inspirational! Check out how to create a mood board and stay inspired during quarantine here!


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