How to stay inspired and motivated during quarantine

By now you’ve looked at your walls in your home and know every dot and speckle. I know I have, especially in my home office. But this past week, I decided that I needed to create something so that I can stay inspired and motivated during quarantine. As a graphic designer I create digital mood boards for my clients but as I too have to adjust with the times and needed to go back to the drawing board.

I miss telling stories with photography and in that an idea was sparked to create an in home studio where I can still be present and create. But I needed a physical mood board that I could feel, touch and see in order for me to be inspired and focused on who I actually am.

Inspiration and motivation during quarantine

What it did for me: 

  • It helped me to go back to the foundation of my business
  • I paused to add in things that are true for me and my business
  • It helped me focus on my true self, eliminating comparison
  • It inspired me

Who this is for: 

You. I say this because we all have something we can work toward and focus on in our families, business or interests. As we are at home, we can take this time to focus on our foundation and values. It gives us something new and fresh to look forward to even in crisis and loss. Because on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have something to look forward to. Good is coming. 



Answer and write down these three questions

  1. What three words describe you, your business or your family
  2. Choose colors or photos describe you, your business or your family
  3. Find quotes or verses inspire you or speak to your core values

Canva is a modern design resource where you can simply input ideas and create. In my free Canva resource, I create a template for each answer where you can easily input, simply design and make yours. 

How to create

  1. Download my free guide
  2.  Input your answers via Canva
  3. Print
  4. Layout

Print different sizes of your images and place them over and under each other to create dimension

how to stay inspired and motivated during coronavirus

Where to place: 

I created my mood board in the places I’ll need and see it most. In my office and my bedroom, my make shift studio.

A look into what helped me stay inspired and motivated during quarantine

I hope you feel a sense of hope for this new season, one that you didn’t expect and perhaps even one that has brought disappointment or loss. Though we face the unknown, we can face the unknown with hope and inspiration.

You can download the step by step guide here and re-create in Canva.

Cheering you on friend,

Renee Jael

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