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Dear Waiting…Today, I don’t like you.

Ever so often I like to take a break to share things just for the heart. Today, it’s about waiting. We’re all waiting on something. A change, a solution, a person, your business to go to the next level…Sometimes, I’m content and focussed. But there are times, I  could do without the process. I get tired. I wonder. I doubt. I get fed up.  Writing helps me, it moves me forward, and it gives me answers. So today…here’s a letter from my valley of waiting to yours.


Dear waiting,

Today, I don’t like you…

But, I know I need you.

I need your process.

But, I also need your grace.

The strength to hold on and trust that in this waiting, God is working.

That in my waiting, I am becoming. Becoming the version of me that could handle the promise.

I don’t know your full cause. My pace or the importance of my growth through this process. The lining up of things, the preparation for my story. But “All I know is if you’re not done working, I’m not done waiting.” Sometimes all I see are the seconds that pass but, it is not time merely wasted. It is time used. Time used for me, and not against me.

I am surrendering and submitting at every turn and opportunity, because I don’t know my tomorrow’s. God does. He’s written it and He hasn’t second guessed it. He’s planned it, He’s gone to war for it for me to know that I am His, without doubt. That my story is precious to Him. It began in His heart and it’s been planned and seen every day since.

So..”Though my waiting prolongs ever greater, Your promise for me like a seed, I Believe that my season will come.” and “All I know of seasons is that you take your time.” But once the time has come, I won’t remember it. It won’t matter then because gratitude will surpass the pain & the wondering. The unbelief that wanted to bury my faith.

So waiting, I may not like you today or another tomorrow but I know “you can see my promise even in the winter” and “though the winter is long even richer.” The harvest is coming. The table has been prepared.

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