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My perspective on wedding vendor etiquette

My Perspective On Wedding Vendor Etiquette

I love working alongside wedding vendors. Hearing their stories about why they work in their specialty. Getting to know them and their journey’s and becoming their friend is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced. I met a new friend on Instagram because I was so drawn to their work and believe in what they do. We met up, we connected, we support one another, she even welcomed me into her home and we made a day of exploring new things in our respective fields. She practiced her florals and I photographed my newly purchased vintage pieces for styling along with the pieces she created.



A wedding vendor-skilled in their profession-is a person first. They have a story. A family. A dream in their heart that is theirs to cherish and share. Work ethic that drives them forward. Their skill level has grown through time, investment in their craft has increased their awareness and expanded their knowledge.

They are people, committed to what they’re gifted in and they desire to give their gift to the world through you-bride, groom, guests, venue or event hostess.

While responding to emails, sharing the right information in a timely manner are foundational, it is so incredibly simple but oh my, from my perspective it is pivotal: kindness and care. Connecting with another person shows them they are seen and they want to be known, not just another person they want to work with or receive a referral from.


Yes, in the middle of a wedding day where timelines are tight it can be so easy to forget that you are working with other people. A human heart that too has a story, a family, a dream or a fight only they know of. It’s important to be assertive, well planned, think quick on our feet, be completely devoted to serving our clients but it’s equally important to be kind.

Kindness is intentional, It’s taking a moment to respond well to another, it’s offering to get something when the other person is tired from the day, it’s encouraging them throughout the day, it’s sincerity and care.



Just about every wedding I serve as a photographer, I get to know someone or a few people. I ask them about their stories, their why. They are more than a florist or a wedding planner. They are more than a second shooter or caterer. Ah…They are not what they do. And throughout the day when they’ve given their best I believe that it reminds them that not only what they do is valuable, they are valuable.

The art of human connection has been threatened by double taps on what we see in mere seconds and sometimes we miss seeing the person behind the curation.


If you take only one thing away from this I’d love for you to get this simple yet true quote: People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. I plan on choosing this approach at each wedding and event to my fellow service providers to remind them in the busyness of the day that they are seen, known and worthy. Is there anything else you think would be fitting?


Renee Jael


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