I Left A Job I Loved To Teach Students In Nicaragua And Returned To Run My Photography Business Full Time. Hey I'm Renee, + Now I Help Couples Tell Their Story With Emotion Filled + Authentic Imagery And Create Visual Content For Brands. Here To Give You Inspo For Your Next Shoot, Goal + Sometimes For Your Heart. 

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Relentless: Pursue Your God-sized Dreams Relentlessly

Hey friend, HEYY! If you’re new around here, welcome!! I’m taking a little break from wedding blogging just for this post! Oh and here’s one the best hugs you’ve ever received for coming by today. Something I am sure of is that I’m deeply passionate about you pursuing your God-sized dreams. I’m a photographer and creative director for brands and blogs and that did not happen over night. I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve been discouraged, I’ve wanted to give up but by grace I am still here. The mantra around here is not giving up. Not caving in. Not compromising. Moving past disappointment and choosing victory!

So, I wanted to give you something you can keep and easily reference so I can created an e-book, Relentless: Pursue Your God-Sized Dreams Relentlessly. I want you to know that you are not chasing the wind, friend. You are pursuing destiny. Hold on to this unchartered path and choose it, relentlessly.

In just 3 chapters I cover 3 things and give you the affirmations you need to overcome the obstacles. I can’t wait to hear and see the stories that come out of this because you are choosing this path.

If you want to truly follow your God-sized dreams and stay the path click here.

But, If you’re already a part of my online world, you can follow this link to being Relentless.

Choose the path.

Follow your God-sized dreams.

Bring change to the lives you are meant to.

Always cheering you on,


Renee Jael


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