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Your Purpose is Bigger Than You

Hey friend! Today I’m sharing my heart on what I’ve come to learn about why your purpose is bigger than you. If you’ve read the other two posts in this mini-series on pursuing your dreams, you’ve seen a couple things: I will encourage you to be passionate and to not  give up. What you do, will not end with you because your yes is bigger than you. 

I have such a deep conviction about seeing you live your God breathed dreams no matter what obstacles you face. Not only are you destined, the people you are meant to serve, are destined, too! So let’s get into this today…

There is no fault in growing along the way

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Whatever you have said yes to doing, is way bigger than you friend. I have learned and resolved that though we don’t know the full picture, saying yes is where you triumph. In saying yes to the purpose you discovered, you give yourself to the work that needs to be done in you, through you and for you. There is no fault in becoming who you were meant to be on the way to purpose. You have to resolved that you will submit to the process of wholeness and freedom, no matter what.

The healthier you are, the healthier your dreams will be.

I’ve known Jesus for most of my life but I was blinded to the lies I believed as a result of the things I experienced in  my childhood. I knew that there were things to be discovered about my story but I just didn’t know how to get there. Despite that, I kept believing that one day I would. I continued pursuing a relationship with God and followed the path He led me along. I believed that loving Jesus and following the word was enough. When the time was right, my eyes were opened to being made whole and free. In being faithful to Him, He was able to groom me until I was ready to handle my process of freedom.


Because I’d had a relationship with Jesus since childhood, it was easy for me to think that I didn’t have to go through the depths of freedom that I did. But, boy was I wrong! The things I experienced thwarted how I lived and the decisions I made. Sin, deception and lies were birthed the minute Adam and Eve sinned and I became a recipient of that action. Accepting that I needed growth and development in my character gave me access to the layers of freedom that I needed.

Allowing God to show me my shortcomings and blindspots enabled me to accept truth and rebuild my life on a new foundation. It was incredibly humbling but as I look at who I am today, I am grateful that I embraced the process that I needed to so that I and the dreams He birthed in me could thrive and be healthy.

To this day, I’m continuing to learn, grow and develop. I know it’ll never end because of my humanity but the dreams and those that will glean from it are worthy of my process. So are the people you have been commissioned for.

Who are you called to impact? Imagine meeting them one day in confidence, free and ready to serve them as they deserve to be. Your purpose is on the other side of your process of being free from fear, doubt, shame or anything else you may have encountered in your journey.

What’s your dream, friend?  I’m fighting for you and I hope that these tools have well equipped you to be relentless in your pursuit to walk in purpose: the God breathed dream, designed specifically for you.

If you need a refresher on the tools you need to pursue your dreams, they’ll be right here anytime you need it! Remember that you can’t do this alone either, this read gives you insight on not just who you need but who you need to be as well.


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