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The dream friendships you need

Have you ever sat in a conversation that yielded to your defenses and overpowered your escape? Ones that see you despite your mess. The kind that makes you feel safe even when you feel fully exposed. Those are what I call dream friendships.

This, dear dreamer is who you need when you are pursuing your dreams. If you’re reading this you’ve probable endured some type of hardship and unexplainable circumstance that you keep scratching your head about. You perhaps don’t understand the cards you’re dealt but you show up anyway because you know that your current season isn’t your forever season.

There are friends that will walk with you through your journey supporting your dreams because they support you. They support you when you are broken and shattered and when you have questions they don’t have the answers to. Friends that sit with you in conversations when your conflict doesn’t scare them.

In each season, somehow I’ve found those types of friends who didn’t run when my recurring issues didn’t stop them or redirect them when they saw me coming. I’m not sure where your help meter lands but mine has looked different depending on the circumstance.

I do caution, however that though our friends and safe places have a place in our story, we must know where they land. In experience, they can’t be your first go to, they may not even be your second because you must learn Who you should talk to first. Jesus. This prevents them from being an idol in your life and keeps your relationship healthy.

I’ve had to learn this hard lesson after depending too heavily on others even after I had resolve in my challenges.

Not fun.

But hard lesson learned.

Dream Friendships are safe friendships


Point is, I want you to know that you need people, safe ones. You need safe spaces when life gets tough and questions go unanswered and you need to keep going on. Your purpose requires it of you. It won’t rest until you achieve it.

I have felt alone after my life required me to build a new foundation. I stood in the midst of losses that made me afraid to trust. You don’t have to feel alone though I know as an adult, friendships are harder. But I guarantee, when you pray and when you wait, the right ones will come. Just like mine have.


dream friendships


Key things that help you sustain your dream friendships


Acknowledge your mistakes and weaknesses. Share your failures. Be open with where you are in your integrity and character. It’s so easy to think that because you’ve gotten to a certain age or a certain place in your walk with Jesus that your integrity and character are perfect but that’s where we can falter. It’s important to know that though you choose to do the right things, you may do something wrong, unknowingly. But once learned, choose right. Your dream friendships are the ones that see your blindspots and help you gently forward.


Humility requires vulnerability. But, i’m going to tell you a not so secret, none of us are perfect. We haven’t perfected our humanity. There’s only One that’s live perfectly among man and He neither condemns or denies you, so no one else can. Be willing to help each other through your seasons by leaving pride in the dust to become the best version your dreams require of you.



Search your heart and accept the counsel you need to change your perspective. While all advice given may not be right for you. Perhaps it is, stop, analyze, pray and choose to move forward with what you were given. You don’t know it all but you can become wiser when you make good company with the wise.


You can’t fulfill your dreams alone. If you know your purpose or on your way to knowing it, you should know that destiny holds no hostages only willing ones who choose to fight the good fight of faith. Ones who know the mark their lives are meant to make matters more than their troubles.

Let your safe ones help you get there.

If you need some tools to help you discover your purpose, this post is a great place to start.

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