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About Renee

Pursuing your passions relentlessly

It’s time for me to tell you how I’ve stuck with pursuing my dreams for the past 10, 15 and 20 years. Despite the waiting and the times I’ve failed, I’ve learned what tools I’ve needed to pursue my dreams.

I’ll always remember the day I started dreaming. My first memory  was when I asked my teenage boyfriend, who I had no business being with, what age he wanted to get married. HA! I laugh at it now because there was no reason for me to desire marriage based on family history. I didn’t know it then but it was a desire God gave me to restore it’s place in my family. It’s been about 20 years since that time, a few break ups later and I’m still waiting on that dream to be fulfilled. But, I wait in hope because I know it’s purpose.

pursue your dream

So friend, how many times have you wanted to give up? I’m SURE my number may have beaten yours. “Beating” you on this “scale” isn’t a badge of honor because i’m not competitive at all, it’s just what’s real and I couldn’t yield with so much at risk. I’ve had to embrace the pain of those disappointments, learn from my mistakes, and heal to move forward.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve graduated from college and honestly, in each season of my life since then, I’ve had two choices; stop and cave in or boss up and keep going. I chose the latter because the conviction I have towards destiny motivates me more than the comfort of escaping the pain of progress.

New dreams with new tools

Progress is painful, it just is. When I came upon what I call a season of discovery after college, I came to a cross roads of continuing my education or pursuing my naturally creative abilities. It was the beginning of me discovering the tools I needed to pursue my dreams.

Per request, I taught a bible study on a story that shared how 3 people managed their money. In summary, they either doubled their portion or hid it out of fear. After this, I was enlightened to my portion; a creative with a heart to see people grow in their relationship with God and a dream of funding missions. As a result, I was faced with the decision to pursue my degree further or begin a new journey.

My season of self-discovery started with baking, painting, writing, art classes, and sewing. I put my hands to everything creative and enrolled at SCAD to earn a Master’s in writing. I dreamt of a future using my gifts but, I worked using my degree as a Nutritionist and funded my tuition with my income because I didn’t want any more college debt. After I completed my second quarter at SCAD, I got into an accident and the pursuit came to a halt.

I loved learning and felt fulfilled knowing that I was making progress. The accident prohibited me from continuing at SCAD however it didn’t take away my purpose, it altered my plan. I was never able to go back to SCAD but I didn’t leave empty handed. Thankfully, I completed a major project that would be a catalyst for a story that God had written all along but I wouldn’t know it until now. P.S this is a hint of what’s coming.



Pursuing your dreams, no matter what

I kept my drive by keeping the reason before the trial. Knowing why I was pursuing a career as a creative with a heart to help others was my fuel. Despite what my life or circumstances summed up to be, what I kept forefront when I was discouraged, confused and wanted to give up was what helped me not to yield or change course.

Months after I totaled my car, I lost my job and the new car that I bought was a lemon with a bad transmission. Any hope I had of going back to school was lost. I fought to get back on my feet, and ran into another car salesman that bought into my desperation and left me without a car, again. A 2 year journey of losses that helped me to learn perseverance and because I knew what my purpose was, I held on to it and still kept creating.

Agh! There’s a lot more to the story but today I want you to see that knowing why you do something is a key tool in moving you forward towards the dreams God’s placed in your heart. Your purpose on this earth, is greater than your current pain.


purpose pain destiny


pursue your dream

The tools you need to pursue your passions relentlessly

Step 1: Discover your purpose, unlock being stuck.

If you’re not sure how to discover what your purpose is, here is the first set of tools you need to pursue your dreams:

  1. Ask God what He wants for you and why He created you.
    1. He has molded you for a specific purpose, unique to none other.
  2. Look at what you’re good at, what you have a burden for and observe the things you have overcome.
  3. Be willing to try new things and explore all options that relate to the statement above.
  4. Talk to those closest to you “test” those things out with them.

When you have all of these answers, write them down. They’ll become a part of you the more you believe it and live it out. When the hard times come, it won’t be able to stop you because you know why you’re pursuing your goals. I’ve learned that it’s so much more than success, but about significance. And you, brave one are a mighty warrior in preparation to live a life that impacts others.

You can add good, worthy things to this earth and nothing will be able to stop you when you apply these tools. Don’t fear of failing but, be strong and courageous. Purpose is not achieved without difficulty and knowing it will move you forward no matter what.

I believe in you.


Renee Jael

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