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Atlanta Small Wedding Story: Remarried After 20 Years

When my aunt told me she was shopping for a wedding venue, I had no idea she would find a gem in the middle of the Lithonia suburbs. She described the place with excitement and the thrill in her voice was just as high as the story she told when her and my uncle got engaged. After 20 years of being apart, they reunited and got married again. Oh, i’m not going to leave you hanging though. I’m going to tell you the story. I’m going to tell you her story and leave you on the edge of your seat so you too can believe that the God is writing something more than magical for you.

She attended an extended family’s wedding December 2016 and he was there, naturally. Amidst the festivities of the night he proposed. Wait, what? Yes. You see, they weren’t close, hadn’t had a conversation, weren’t in proximity apart from mere and very distant run-ins, and I may stress very distant! They perhaps may have communicated because of their son, but that was it. There was no hope lingering in the balance of restoration, at least not for her. But indeed, he had a plan and desire, he wanted his family back.

Back to the ring. If you know my aunt, she’s vibrant and charming and she responded as such. Picture it. “No, what are you doing?!” What she didn’t know it’s not what he, Mark, was doing but it was what God was doing. He was preparing her for the story of togetherness she didn’t know He was writing.

Several months after the proposal she had a dream she wasn’t ready to accept, however a few instances happened in the coming months after where people would assume he was her husband. PEOPLE, it’s been 20 years, where have you been? Additionally, a friend not knowing about the proposal, told her she dreamt she was going to her wedding. I’d say acceptance found its way to her heart after the continual knocking.

So when she told me and everyone else in the family they were back together, we were jaw dropped with eyes wide open in awe and wonder. For years, she’d used the word, “never” and “if that happens please check me”. She was serious, but so was her suitor and far beyond any seriousness of the bent she had on her decision, so was God.

One day, she felt in her heart that a door was going to be opened for her and she should walk through it.

Well, Mark was the door and when it came about again-she surrendered and she embraced the journey of restoration, singing in worship thereafter-“Way Maker, Miracle worker, that is who You are”. Because dear reader-it was a miracle and I got to help them tell the story, first on August 3rd, 2018-the same day they got married 20 years prior and again in October at Rose Garden in Lithonia, GA. So this venue isn’t just a pretty space hidden amongst a busy, frequented road in the suburbs, it’s the place where friends and family looked upon grace and goodness right before their eyes.



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