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First time family portraits

I traveled to NYC to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! My family is sort of spread out internationally and we actually have still never all been together as we missed our brother in Trinidad this time around.

NY | ATL | Trinidad | England | Philly and up until now, Africa.
To say my heart is grateful is an understatement but what’s even more rewarding is the gratitude that filled my dad’s heart. He started working for the United Nations at 36 and retired this year. This meant, living and working in 5 countries, for his purpose!

My only goal for his 60th birthday was to love and honor him and gather our family to show him just how much he is loved and seen. I walked away from the week observing the gratitude that filled his heart and knowing that everything we did to celebrate him, was enough and felt deeply.

Of course, I along with my sister in England, planned a photo shoot for us all to give him as a gift. I reeled everyone in so HE could have his kids and himself photographed together for the first time. My dad is actually a huge reason why I have memories as a kid, there are countless memories documented and printed for me to look back on. One’s I vaguely remember but my cousin remembers clearly and tells so excitedly about the day we did this and did that. If it wasn’t  for our photos, I’d never be able to have a taste of the adventures I had as a child. Ones I need and treasure, now.


After we were done with family portraits, I pulled him aside to do his individual portraits and as we were walking back to our family, he put his hands on my shoulder and said, “Thank You”. Tears well up in my eyes because it was a thank you that came from a place I know only He could truly feel but I felt the words ripple through my heart. It was if he let out a breath of desire that he saw come to life, that he could have these first moments with the gift of HIS family after serving the world for 24 years.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to grow up with my siblings, but I can show you what it was like for us to be together on a Spring New York day where we all came together to have a first.

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