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Small Wedding Tips

There’s something to be said about wanting that cozy, small wedding feel where your closest family and friends are gathered to see your life change. Photographing a small wedding has given me a greater appreciation for the intimate gatherings because I see how much it benefits the couple, the time they get with each other and their loved ones.

Here are 3 tips that can help you plan your day to keep it cozy and memorable.

  1. Breathe a little deeper, and pause a little longer. The first tip is for you and your fiance.  Because you had to narrow it down to just a few, you want to be sure to take in all there is to take in. There’s less pressure because of the smaller setting and you have the chance to pause to be with one another, longer on your wedding day. When you look back on the day, it won’t be “The day went by so fast” because you’ll remember the details that matter to you and your person. The slowness of the day and the smallness of the day will be what comes back to you when you think back on your wedding day. Not to say there isn’t GREAT and INCREDIBLE joy in bigger weddings because there certainly is, but your choice for small gives you an opportunity for a slower pace to breathe a little deeper and pause a little longer.
  2. Make the details matter. Whether it be a smaller wedding cake with details that represent you, a more unique dress,  custom made trinkets designed with your family and friends in mind, actual food you love, adding your favorite songs to a playlist and dancing with your beau to each and every one, a game you and your families play together anything that matters to you should be added. This is your day, and a different take on how a wedding “should” be done. There isn’t one set way for each couple to love each other and there isn’t one set way to celebrate your love. This is yours. It is uniquely your story, and journey and it should matter that you want donuts instead of a cake or pizza instead of a a five course meal, which BTW i’m totally doing. *wink*
  3. Taking your time with photos. Ohhh, here’s my favorite. The frozen in time moments that will take you back to that day that you made yours. It’s your time to cherish that you are now husband and wife. As a photographer, I bring my couples in to enjoy that love. To enjoy that they found their person and give them interactive time with each other while no one else is looking and capturing that.  That’s the key to getting those emotion filled, authentic images. Being together, after you’ve committed to each other and sharing that love that will be looked back on for a lifetime.
  4. Guests and moment photos. The hours will pass, and the people will soak in the time you carefully planned for them with details that mattered to your unique stories. You’ll be able to look back on it and it wouldn’t have been a formula you concocted. It would have been a time you all remembered of intentional, meaningful moments that you took the time to breathe in, now in images to be remembered. You’d be able to look back on the fun, the laughter, the tears, looks and details remembering the why’s of each choice you made, the day you two became one.

Gosh, I hope these tips were helpful and gave you inspiration for your intimate ceremony or small wedding. I’d love to hear which pulled at your heart strings a little more. As a small wedding photographer, my choice is to help couples who enjoy the slow, fun, meaningful process. I’d love to help you get there and help you with those very things.




Renee Jael

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