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Wedding day favorites

A bride, once was a little girl who dreamed of all, I mean ALL her wedding day details. She could also be someone who doesn’t care for the frills, but the marriage. She may also be the woman who didn’t know she would get married, or the woman who waited for years, and years on her prince. But whatever part of the spectrum she’s on, they all have one thing in common–that they fell in love, they were found and they are about to start a new season of their lives.

Today I want to share 3 of my all time wedding day favorites

1. Seeing how the groom looks at his bride when he first sees her. There’s just something about her being in a white dress walking towards him. I’m not a fellah, but I can imagine the thoughts going through his mind.

“I got her!!”

“I can’t believe she’s mine.”

He either smiles wide, cries, or his jaw drops open.


2. The Bride’s moments

I think her mind is fully convinced that the day is a dream. She’s consumed with joy, emotion, excitement, thoughts that range from “I can’t believe this is happening” to “I hope my make up stays in place when I cry, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry. One of my personal tear jerkers is her mom’s touch. Including her mom on a day they both probably dreamed of and capturing it is most definitely the thing that creates fog between my camera viewfinder (but don’t worry, I still get the shot).


3. Seeing the couple together

After all, it is why we are all gathered. We’re all together because they are committing to a forever covenant, till death do them part, to love no matter what, to say by each other through every mountain and valley, to go the distance for each other, to out serve one another, to reflect the love of God on earth through their marriage. We’re all together because they found the one their soul, loves. And from what I hear love only grows from there. This for me is the reason, the finding of love, the miracle of it-is the reason I photograph weddings–to document miracles of family. The finding of love, the committing of it, the growing of it.



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