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Flowers and luxurious greenery are often the go to for wedding centerpieces and of course the very things you hold before you hold your guys hand when you get down the aisle.

Girl, they’re the things you hold to keep your hands from shaking from the most life changing words you could ever say to someone.

If there was a list of importance on wedding day details, i’d say they are as important as the shoe’s you wear to meet your beau. The very thing that takes you to meet love you’re committing the rest of your life to.

Ah okay, now that I got the mushy stuff out the way! Let’s talk flowers.


As a photographer, they are some of my favorite details. You’ve spent money, time, countless hours searching or talking with a florist to perfect its appearance on your wedding day.

So how exactly do you plan your floral inspo and bring it to life from a photographers perspective. I’m a feeler but i’m also a planner. So by nature, flowers make me feel amazing, they make any room beautiful and I’m that girl that stops and smells the roses if you know what I mean.

If flowers mean more to you than just decor, here are 4 things to consider when choosing them for your wedding day whether or not you’re working with a florist.

1.Would these flowers look with my dress?

Now that you’ve found your dress, it’s time to find your flowers! An important but probably forgotten question to ask is, how would my dress look with my flowers. Yes the centerpieces are going to matter and they’ll fascinate you, the groom and your guests. But I happen to think, they should fascinate your dress too! Here are some things to think about from a photographers eye:

  • A trumpets, mermaids dress with no print. a classic + modern dress pairs well with classic combination of flowers. You’re a classic girl who loves elegance and simplicity. A bridal bouquet that reflects your dress, will also reflect you. My tip: Choose one or two flowers:
  • A lace Aline gown: You want to feel like you’re flowing through the room. A bridal bouquet with greenery + perhaps some silk ribbon that hangs from the bouquet draws the eyes to the details of your dress and compliments your dress.
  • A Ball gown: The classic princess gown we all know and love is shown off best with a colorful array of only flowers and a simple ribbon. It’s a simple yet colorful touch to your gown that accentuates it.


2. Do these flowers compliment me and my wedding?

Every season has their flowers and you’d often find your florist has recommendations for which are the most valuably priced for your wedding. But do they all reflect you and your wedding. Choosing flowers based on price is commendable but choosing flowers that match your budget and your style is the route you’d want to go. Some brides love eucalyptus while others love fern. Some brides love magnolias, while others love roses. Choose a combination that ALL reflects you because in the end, you’d WANT to use your flowers and display even after the wedding. Why? Because you chose them based on your liking not just on your budget and you’ll want them around in images and your home weeks even years after your wedding day because it’s uniquely you.

3. Can I use these at home after the wedding?

This question may seem a little odd but let me explain. Your photographer has taken tons of images of you and details. You’ll most certainly print images of you and your husband but what about the other detail you spent time, money and personal effort on. You’d want those somewhere in the memory bank to lighten up your home and your days, too as part of your wedding gallery online or as part of the pictures you print to display in your home. If you’re the gal that lovessss flowers, you’ll definitely want to get a whisk of happiness every time you pass that perfectly framed image next to your beau or self in your dress.

4. How would these flowers look in wedding pictures?

You’ll take lots of pictures that day. and I mean LOTS. So much so, your cheeks may hurt after all that happiness from smiling. You’ll be holding your bouquet if you’re not holding your grooms hand and the eye will be drawn to them. What do you want to see when you see it all together? What you’ll want to see in your pictures after your photographer has taken and edited your pictures are floral designs that doesn’t distract from you or your bridesmaids. You’ve spent so much time and money on getting yourself and them together that you’d want the flowers to add and not take away from the look. If your bouquet has hanging greenery or silk ribbon, perhaps theirs should be minimal. Typically your bridesmaids bouquets are a smaller or slightly different version of yours but they always compliment in design, size and color.


Other wedding pictures that’ll have your wedding florals are your centerpieces and other decor elements throughout your ceremony and reception. Your photographer will take images of these and include them in your gallery and your wedding album if you want it in your package. I want you to know that the flowers not only go with your details, they go with the vision of the day that changed your life. It’s easy to think that they are just flowers that are meant to fill up space but let’s get a little perspective change, your wedding flowers  are a part of your wedding story. Once the day is over, your images will tell that story for years to come, plan and choose it in such a way that it is a continual reflection of you and not the current trend. It’s the same as when you chose it for your dress. Ask: does it reflect us, and is it in our budget? Let both of those questions be factors in your choosing and you’ll look back on your day seeing yourselves and not just pretty pictures.

Oh my friend! I hope this has been helpful to you and has given you good and refreshing insight in planning your wedding details.

I have so much excitement in seeing how you bring it together!

I’d love to hear what was the most “Aha” moment you had while reading today!




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