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3 steps to planning your wedding colors

You’ve scanned through Pinterest and gathered all of your details and inspo for your wedding day. But between me and you, we’ve been pinning details even before we met our beau and over time our style has changed so our inspo board is not cohesive and does not fully reflect the style we want for our wedding day.

Today, I want to share with you three effective steps on how to effortlessly create visual inspiration that doesn’t give you anxiety but creates an effortlessly cohesive look you can present to your fiance and wedding vendors, including your wedding photographer.

Step 1.

After creating a new board on Pinterest to have a fresh start…

Choose a color palette.

The first place you want to start is choosing your colors and the shades that will most reflect you and your fiance’s style.

There are many ways you can start searching for this and like other search engines, Pinterest uses keywords to pull up requests.

By typing in your colors, let’s use: blush pink, tan and white. Pinterest will pull up weddings, and mood boards that include all or some of those colors. Regardless of the staple colors, keep in mind that there’ll always be green because of your greenery in your wedding florals. 

The more specific you are in your search, the more results you’ll get from things that have already been created for you.

Pin away! They may not be ALL the colors or ONLY the colors you want but later on, you’ll narrow it down.

Step 2.

Get specific with colors. 

Search for only blush pink and look for the pinks and details that you’re drawn to and repeat this step with each color.

This helps you to separate and decide on what colors you want to be primary and secondary. It’s called the 60, 30, 10 rule. The 60, 30, 10 rule is used for home design but can be effectively implemented for wedding design.


What color do I want the most of?

Tip: This can be a color that compliments you and your fiance’s skin tones and makes you glow and look brighter. You’ll be photographed and surrounded by these colors on your wedding day so you’ll want to shine because of it and not let it outdo you.

What color do I really want but does not have to be center stage?

What color would highlight the above two?


Once you’ve answered the above questions (you’re a pro at this really), you would have successfully gathered your wedding colors! Ta da!

Easy right.


Step 3

Curate your very own color palette.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. “Renee! This is a lot of work!”

It seems that way but it will make every decision you’ll make with your wedding planning team much smoother. They’ll be thanking you and in awe at how cohesive your colors are and you’ll be the bride they are chatting about to their other clients.

Now, remember in step one where I said we can get rid of colors that don’t go with your color palette, this is where you say good-bye to them so that your board only has your custom made palette that you created.

This is where you brush your shoulders off because you’re a boss.

Now you’re ready to choose all the pieces that will be “ooo’ed and ah’ed” on your wedding day.

Hope this helped a great deal in choosing colors for your wedding day, I believe you’re going to do an amazing job at it all!

Cheers to you and this amazing season,









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