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You’ll most often find me sharing this story, that when I go home to Trinidad, one of my favorite things to do at my mom’s house is to find the photo albums-which, by the way, have not moved since I’ve lived there-and flip through them. We love, love, loved printing pictures of our adventures. As an adult I love that my mom prioritized documenting our lives as I grew up. As I turn through the photo albums, I see my stages of growth, the things we enjoyed and the people we enjoyed doing life with, how cheesy I smiled when I was with my dad because of how happy I was and how safe I looked when I stood next to my mom,  how stylish my mom was and still is!

For me, pictures have always been a part of my life. It reminds me of my journey and helps me think back on moments of happiness, moments of celebration, and moments I will never ever get back. Some of my fondest memories are printed and sealed on my heart because they are stored in an album in a toasty Caribbean home, there every time I need to be reminded about how good God has been to keep me through life’s many changes.

Photography was birthed through my parents and I documenting our lives so we could always have memories to look back on. We knew the value of a moment + the value of everyone in our lives. 

That’s where it started & that’s what inspires me-my family, the great miracle of it.

I miss home, and the years I could never get back-but In actuality I still have it and I find new ways to relive the joy of those moments and the stories behind them. Each image reminds me of a good time, something I waited on and finally received, precious time with my parents, an event I enjoyed with my family and all the things that came with it, the moments I lived in that day and the hope I feel because of the good I see in my story.

I always take the opportunity to snap a few while I’m home, so here’s a few through the years of us.

Hope you enjoyed a snippet of my journey, each photo has a memory that I remember and hold near and dear to my heart. Am I the only one that does this? I’d love to hear from you-What family memories do you like to look back on? Nostalgia it’s good for the heart and honestly I think it adds fuel to our journeys, keeps us inspired to treasure the lives we have and hope to live.

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